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September 25, 2008

Remember this about the South African trainsurfers? Streetcarnage have done a photozine and movie about them. Read more about it here. It looks really good, but this is really just an excuse to post more videos about people doing stupid and dangerous stuff with trains…

This doesn’t look as impressive as the South African guys, but he is going about 20 times faster. But for real idiotic melon balls…


August 8, 2008

Douglas Haddow wrote a piece for Adbusters called Hipster: The Dead End Of Civilization, which criticises the youth of today for being shallow and vain and not caring as much as the youth of yesterday. Needless to say his rage comes accross as totally impotentent and he just sounds bitter and undersexed. I can’t say anything better than what’s been said in these two responses, one by Gavin McInnes on Streetcarnage and this one by Momus. The most important point about youth culture is in the name itself: YOUTH. It’s for the young. If you’re not young and you want to contribute to youth culture, go and do something that young people will appreciate and be inspired by instead of being the same blind consumer of the culture that you accuse them of being.