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September 9, 2008

The piano playing happens about 2min 30secs in

Being a famous rapper is strange life. Think about it: one minute you’re writing bars in your mum’s house and the next, you’re whisked away to a magical land of diamonds, vaginas, drugs and mansions. Is it any wonder that rappers have started to dress like giant babies with tatoos? As Lil Wayne said in The FADER: “I wake up, smoke weed, fuck bitches, get my dick sucked, a lot… and do this shit.” Chuck in a gold-plated SUV and you’ve got an adolescent Xanadu. So it’s nice to see that at the statesman-like age of 39, the RZA has been dedicating his time to more scholarly pursuits. Namely learning the piano. Ok, so he’s not going to sell out Madison Sqaure Gardens, but he’s pretty accomplished. The video was originally on The Arab Parrot. Check it out, it’s pretty good.

Lil Wayne rocking his giant man-baby styles

Lil Wayne rocking his giant man-baby styles



September 3, 2008

Apparently valium has replaced heroin as a popular street drug because it’s cheaper than heroin. I’d like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to remain calm and not get to hysterical.

First of all, from a public health perspective this is a good thing. A pharmaceutical-grade opiate is much less harmful than street gear. Ok, there’s still a risk of HIV or hepatitis from sharing needles – if it’s being injected – or overdosing. But there needs to be some degree of personal responsibility. It’s never good to live in a victim culture.

But more importantly, for the sad and lonely, a pizza and 20mgs of diazepam washed down with a couple of cold beers and a season of The Wire in the DVD player is one of life’s few pleasures. Also, with codeine-based cough syrup not widely available in the UK, valium is a good substitute, and is great for enhancing the music of Lil Wayne. Eyehategod and Sleep also sound amazing.

Actually, if I’m in a syrup mood, I like to replace the beer with a pint of melon and apple juice and a generous shot of vodka, and the pizza with hotdogs. Salty, fruity and floaty – it’s a perfect combination.