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November 14, 2008

Find the lyrics to a song. Nothing too literal – hip hop songs are good. Paste them into Google Translate. Translate into language of your choice. Traditional Chinese is good because of it’s antiquated turn of phrase. Retranslate back into English.


2 Live Crew – Baby, Baby Please (Just A Little More Head)

Lyrics, baby, baby, (who is responsible for a bit)
Chorus: (Mixx scratches the line from “Standard & Poor’s man”)

The new 1: Brother Marquis
I thought I was fuckin ‘, until I became a
When the bitch said: “The marquis, you can not insist on your Cheney in my mouth?”
I have the experience, all in sexual intercourse in the head
‘This is because half the time in bed
When she asked, you know that I come runnin ‘
With Cheney in my hand, licking the first time, I nuttin ‘
There is no anomaly in the world like you
‘You reason, I Dick sucking until I have a blue ball


Poetry 2: Fresh Kid Ice
I remember my first crack down on the work of the
Do you know what I mean is that at the time she was in the Bob slobs
She is a Kissin ‘in the head, and then she was off my ball
I feel that my skin has begun to crawl
And maintain a prostitute suckin ‘as an abnormal heat
Movin ‘sleep like a basser
After her to do so, that is what I said:
“Baby, baby, please! As long as the person in charge a little more!”


Mixx start from scratch, “Kiss, it will leave its own!” And “I smoke, I
Partner Dick! ”



Public Enemy – Bring Tha Noise

Lyrics, the tower noise:
Bass! How low do you go?
Brothers know what is on death row
Back again is unbelievable
Yun animals
D. an incredible public enemy number one
Five oxygen, said: “freeze!” And I am numb
I can not tell them that I really never had a gun?
However, the wax spinning Terminator X
Now, they let me in the cell of the cause of my records, they sell
‘The reason I like brothers and said: “ah
Han is a prophet, I think you should listen to
He can tell you that you should do ”
In accordance with the present power that
“Let’s a miracle. Days, pump the lyrical”
Black is back, all, we must victory
Checked, you are, here we are again

Open it up! So that the tower noize!

Has never been badder than bad ’cause my brother is crazy Rubiaceae
In the fact that corruption, as a senator
A roll-call of the soul, but you put it like soap rope
‘The reason the beat of the line, so that the coating
I learned to listen to the music inside, said the critics
I burst
They will not take care of brothers and sisters across the now
Our country up to the war

We have got to prove, come now, they will have to wait
It was not until we get the right
I suspect that the radio stations of their dark
They call themselves black, but we have to see if they play the


I am from in front of the crowd at me
The warmth of our country deejay, and his X, I asked him to Fan, ya know
He can cut a record from one side
In that case, it’s safer not be gliding suicide
Control of the soul, your father was defeated Rock
Music whatcha, for whichin ‘, you call a band, man
Kim ‘music, abuse it, but you can not do so, the sub-know
You ask them to demonstrate, but we took luxury cars,
Whatcha certain how to do? Rap not afraid of you
Beat Sangnibonuo is, the fight is Yoko Ono
Matsushita said the first operation may be a deejay band
Self-reliance so that you are out of your seat
Beat that, as well as Eric B and L.L., hell
Wax is the anthrax, but it can rock bells
Never never, in general, will be sold
Time for me to withdraw from, Terminator X of it


From the east and west coasts, so you no longer like a coma
‘Position, my people? Beat boast the same dose
Rock with some vigor, it will last you ask why?
Roll the rock star, but will never accept
We have to pleed Fifth, we can explore
Do not need to wait and let records
Hey, the implementation of the BSA, has been Terminator-style
Check the signing of ten, get paid to play
We have been checking out ways to decrease
A magazine or two is dissing me and you dissing
Yes ah, I tell you