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December 11, 2008

One of the many great things about Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy is that when he plays live he does completely different versions of songs to the ones on the record. A Strange Form Of Life was my favourite off the album before last and this live version with stand-up bass and fiddles tickles my fancy…

Also, he did an epic version of Death To Every on the live album Summer In The Southeast. It beats the original, if you want to know what I think.


September 23, 2008
Ian Curtis is dead

Ian Curtis is dead

Like many, many other people I love Joy Division and I bought all the albums, but I never got to see them live. Les Bains Douches is a Paris concert recording made in 1979. Holy shit! They were amazing live. Take the intensity of the records and times it by ten. Ian Curtis’ voice is the sound of a scab being knocked off a day old cut – raw and bruised. I was nearly in tears after the end of the first song, Disorder. (One of the most slept on JD songs, btw. Yeah, I know Transmission, Love Will Tear Us Apart, She’s Lost Control, blah, blah… but Disorder? It’s, like, 50% joy, 50% despair combined to make very powerful melancholy bomb.)

Any way the whole album can be downloaded for FREE here

It’s worth checking out the rest of the site. They have tons of amazing stuff, all free. The last word in obscure black metal, psychedelia, punk, blues gospel, electronic, hip hop, weirdo…