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August 5, 2008

A.R.E. Weapons (who get accused of copying Suicide) have collaborated with Alan Vega (who was in Suicide) and covered the Bruce Springsteen song State Trooper (from his Nebraska album and a song that was meant to sound like an acoustic version of Sucide, and was inspired by Suicide’s own Frankie Teardrop). Springsteen also closes his shows with a version of Sucide’s Dream Baby Dream. All of which would mean nothing if the end result wasn’t any good, but I think it is. I suppose the natural conclusion to this mutual love in would be for Bruce Springsteeen to get up on stage with A.R.E. Weapons and commit suicide, but that wouldn’t be so nice.


I had to take the State Trooper cover down. Apparently it wasn’t ready to be heard yet. Hopefully it will be soon. Meanwhile check out A.R.E.’s MySpace for a cover of Suicide’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Killing My Life. It’s pretty good.

Bruce Springsteen – Dream Baby Dream

Suicide – Dream Baby Dream