I was in the middle of doing a post about this documentary on Larry Clark and I had this interview with the American Philosopher Dr Daniel Dennet in the Buffalo Beast open in another tab. Anyway, I was waiting for the YouTube page to load so I could emebed the video and I flipped over to read the interview. Apparently we’re all just meaty robots and our souls are made of protein. Holy Shit, sobering stuff. It took the wind out of my sails somewhat. Thinking about such big stuff kind of made me think Larry Clark was a bit silly really. But then I thought, “No, he’s a great photographer, who manages to capture the essence of our meaty robotness between childhood and adulthood. And compared to the really interesting article, the documentary is a bit, meh.”

Anyway, read the interview. Do a google image search on Larry Clark and buy Tulsa. And watch the documentary if you’ve got nothing better to do. There‘s quite an interesting bit about the making of Kids. Tabbed browsing may yet be the the best quality-control tool of the internet age.

A selection of images by Larry Clark



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