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4 Responses to “RUBBISH DIARIES”

  1. Glennon Says:

    I have also had an odd fascination with seeing a forlorn shoe laying on the street, discarded form the foot of it’s owner.

    On the way to work there is an old beat up boot laying next to he kerb, it’s been there for weeks. All I can think about is how did it get there? I mean, have you ever lost one shoe anywhere other then the confines of your own home?

    One day all these shoes will join together like a massive transformer and they will stomp all over this land.

  2. awesomelife Says:

    Please take a picture and send it to me

  3. Ross Says:

    This is a good concept, round the back of my office there’s loads of crap. Mainly due to a man i like to call ‘Charity Theif’. He comes early in the morning and raids all the stuff people leave out in front of the chiswick charity stores. Then he rifles through the clothes and just disgards all the other stuff he doesn’t want. So you can imagin the amount of shit he leaves behind. I’ll come into work abit early tomorrow so i can catch him and hopefully get a picture of him surrounded by the heap of charity.

  4. Glennon Says:

    i’ll get a pic of the boot and forward on

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