Anyone with a passing interest in animation knows about the Brothers Quay. And they are generally regarded as being geniuses – for want of a better word – in their field. Genius is a shit word that is used far to often, but is does take a certain amount of talent and vision to be able to combine slightly gothic, creepy European aesthetics, Kafka, modern classical music and a whole heap of other influences without coming off as totally pretentious.

I could never find any of their stuff on YouTube until now, when I stumbled across  Street Of Crocodiles, which is considered a masterpiece.

Part 1

Part 2

Check out more of their stuff here.

This DVD is also highly reccomended.


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  1. Frank Mauceri Says:

    David Thomas and Pere Ubu have a new collaboration with The Brothers Quay, based upon the famous Alfred Jarry play. Check out this first glimpse:

  2. awesomelife Says:

    Nice. Thank you

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