Bad disco is like bad cocaine: cheap, trashy and made for dumb shits on holiday. Good disco is like good cocaine: slighty trippy, a bit ecstatic and makes you want to dance. Nile Rodgers’ 1984 remix of Sister Sledge’s Lost In Music is grade-A, uncut, can’t-feel-your-face shit.

The minimal, spaced-out ecstatic groove makes me think of glitter balls, dancefloors, coloured lights and women in backless dresses with disco tits. You know the kind? Small and pert enough to fit in a skimpy dress without needing a bra. Sweet B-cup perfection.

Listen via YouTube


Lost In Music (Nile Rodgers Remix)


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2 Responses to “DISCO DOESN’T SUCK”

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  2. Lost & Sound Says:

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